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Covid-19 We're Temporarily Closed..

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Friends & Family

This is yes another Covid-19 status update from another company, sadly from us..

We’ve been very very busy lately as I’m sure you can appreciate helping people achieve the ability to work from home in addition to our daily activities..

From Monday 23rd March we have taken the decision not easily but after many hours of thinking and assessing situation around us, but we will close until further notice.

We’re putting health before wealth. You can still update email us and we’re here to continue helping you during this hard time.

During this time however unless told otherwise we will be working behind the closed doors to make changes we’ve wanted to implement but been unable to do so because we’re open and not wanting to cause disruption. This makes sense during this ‘Free time’ ahead.

If you need any support and have Microsoft Teams - add us on admin@springbok-computers.co.uk (Group Name Springbok Computers Ltd - Customer Support) and we will be only too happy to help where possible!

A lot of our suppliers are closing or closed already, making getting parts / been able to help you very hard.

We are for the record all full of good health, no need to worry that we have any form of any Coronavirus!

May we wish you all the very best, stay healthy, stay safe and we cannot wait to see you all soon!

Kind Regards
Matt & Team