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Click & Fix Repair Booking Service

We would like all customer's to use our booking service for all repairs in and out from us whilst we all recover from closure because of the Covid-19 Situation.

The aim of this booking service is to keep you and our staff on-site safe and reduce any chances of coronavirus spreading.

If you do not book, we will assess the safety, the priority others, and existing commitments before allowing entrance to us.

We have listed all the measures we have put in place to help protect everybody's health, by clicking the COVID-19 Update Banner found on every page at the top.

However before using our 'Click and Fix' service, please consider:

  • if your visit is essential

  • if you can spend only the least amount as possible with us

  • if alternative options are available

Before you book

Booking slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Operating times are temporary reduced due to the current circumstances and are subject to change.

There is a limit of two people in our shop at any one time. This is to give everyone a fair chance of access, along with safety distancing measures at their optimum.


If you cannot use the online booking system, call 01522 533199 during office hours, or email us, and we will organise a booking for you.

Do not call us if the slots you want are unavailable online.


In The Shop

Once you have a confirmed booking, you must follow our new shop rules / changes implement. These again are found below and on the COVID-19 Page!

  1. Bring your confirmation email or text from our system

  2. Remember that social distancing rules apply in all area's of our property (especially whilst inside)

  3. Please wait and ensure it is OK to enter our shop. We will monitor both front and back doors.

  4. We will not allow more than two people in at any one time. Couples or families, would be encouraged to resist coming as a group, and just nominate one member as a delegate.

  5. If you have a disability, please let us know and one of our staff, will be happy to help

  6. We will not allow access to any toilets or welfare facilities

  7. Respect staff on-site and follow their instructions. They are here again for your information..

  8. They are there to help and will not tolerate abuse

  9. There will be NO CALL OUTS until further notice sadly.

If you break the rules, we will refuse your entry to the shop or ask you to leave!

Book Now ..

Springbok Online Shop Now Open!
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