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Custom Build PCs & Laptops

Over the past 18 years of us trading, we have said time after time, that bigger shops always have a selection of computers or laptops, that they believe are suitable based upon different users usage or budget.


But does that mean you get exactly what you require, want or within the budget?


Simple answer usually is NO, it doesn’t!


That is why we have always offered the custom built computer / laptop / and now all in one PC service.


This service starts off by you calling, emailing or visiting us, and we discuss the intended use, requirements for applications or games, special considerations (e.g. disability), time frames, and budget in mind. This checklist we go through is quite thorough and can half and hour roughly.


We then go to work, and usually within 24 hours you will get an email with proposed quote(s).


Quotes usually include everything you ask for, but we also list upgrades, downgrades and alternatives that we believe are tailored to you and the system(s) in mind.


Quotes are valid for 7 days from receipt usually, to give you the time to digest, understand and satisfy yourself. We can change anything you like, and happy to re-quote until we get the system just right!


Once your happy, we agree a deposit amount. This must be taken in advance before any work commences. We confirm the estimated time frame at this stage.


Once received this deposit, we take to the task of ordering required components (usually those not in stock), and once got everything, we proceed to the build.


We build these systems all in house, again at our state the art repair centre. This centre is owned and managed by us, and is stocked with many components to keep build time down!


After the system is built, we then proceed to a full 24-hour burn in test. This is to confirm it’s working as expected, because we do not want any complications or problems for you.


If the test is successful, we proceed to the cable management and tidy up loose ends. This is very important as we ensure again quality, consistency, and make the system as neat & functional to its very best!


Finally we then proceed with software installation, and use ONLY GENUINE Software. No dodgy downloads!


You then get the call, email and or text to confirm it’s ready, and hope to see you soon!


When you come, we don’t just take payment, and send you on your way! We show you every aspect of the system, all the features, and give any information, manuals, cds, etc relevant. This also includes mentioning the warranties of specific components in detail.


Remember you’re welcome to collect and use our car park!

Instructions are located here..


Custom Built items usually are done to COMPUTERS, LAPTOPS, AIO (All in One) PCs, or specific devices.


Don’t settle for second best – come to us we’re the best and you will only get the best too!


If you would like to use our state of the art online PC builder feature, click below!

Springbok Online Shop Now Open!
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