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Security Services – Alarms & CCTV for Home Users

Sadly its 2019, and crime is on the rise, again year on year.


It’s never been a better time to protect your business and or valuables at your work with alarms and or CCTV.


This can help you reduce distress, reduces theft / damage, plus lower insurance premiums.


Contact us today for a completely FREE Business appraisal.


CCTV Camera’s we use boast 1080p quality; have APPs for remote viewing or access, and alarms we install are second to none!


We will guide you through every requirement or yours, and put together a detailed plan, along with costs, time frames, etc. on how best to protect your loved ones and or valuables.


For over 2 years now since launch of this service, we have never been as busy!


Solutions we offer can include remote business monitoring, which can be viewed on any smartphone, along with ability to warn intruders, potential guests or even delivery drivers that you have received a notification of their presence.


Unlike larger companies who offer products on a monthly subscription service, we simply just sell the product(s) at a very competitive price, and it’s a one off! No hidden monthly fees or extras!


Visit our smart business page for other ways we can make your business a business unlike any other!

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