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Upgrade Services to PCs, Laptops or AIO (All in Ones)

Why buy a replacement computer when you can simply upgrade it?


Since the credit crunch begun, we have found many people prefer to upgrade their devices, rather than replace it! This is the best way to be!


Recently the one upgrade that we do on a daily basis, is exchanging devices that have Hard Drive (HDDS) to now having Solid State drives (SSDs).


This upgrade is the simplest, most effective and reliable upgrade any computer owner can ask for.


It is now much more economical, and makes such a difference!


All upgrades are again done in house, and we stock a massive variety of upgrade options, to suit all devices, user requirements and or budgets!


Call in with your device, and we will perform a free inspection as per like repair services, then once we have all options, costs and timeframes, we will discuss in detail (but none geeky terms) to you.


If your happy to proceed, we can then get your upgrade on the go, and ready hopefully even quicker than the estimated completion date.

Springbok Online Shop Now Open!
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