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In 2018, we acquired a large 42” HP DesignJet printer. This is in addition to our 3D Printer, ID Card Printer, and usual laser printers that do both colour and black and white printing.


If your business needs that important file or document printing on a large scale – up to A0, come to us!


We can print on demand, and do not charge silly prices! This can be in colour, or just black and white.


One company we work closely with, on a weekly basis instruct us to print their CAD drawings.


These are schematics for new houses to be built.


They use us, because it is much cheaper than owing and maintaining the printer outright, plus we're there to support them at every stage.


We can also print any item within reason, on our 3D printer. This printer has been used for many company’s prototypes, but also in conjunction with university students.


This is a fantastic piece of kit, and again we do not charge silly or unreasonable prices.


We can usually quote within a couple of hours, what we estimate the cost to be to you from receiving your design / drawing.


Are you in the security business?


With our ID Card printing service, we can fully design, print ID cards for you and your staff.


This can be on plain ID Card, or on magnetic stripe cards.


These cards can be programmed to contain information you require too. This could be in the form of data of employee, event details, access control or even just for data assessments (e.g. staff attendance).


We think we’re the perfect partner to any business! The services we provide are super competitive in price, we’re very friendly and professional, but most of all, we offer all these services under one roof.


As a business ourselves to you, we can help build each other’s business by offering such a variety of services, that are unrivalled or matched by others.


Our team are waiting to help you!

Printing Services

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