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Buy In & Recycling Services
(Business Customers)

If you’re a business, and like many we serve and visit, realize that when new IT is purchased or implemented, what do you do with your old stock?


Some companies like to hoard the ex IT stock, and say they have it for just peace of mind, because of data implications.


This however does not get you any monies back for your new purchase, nor does it data erase any device, and more importantly takes up very valuable space.


Give us a call, email or pop, and let us get you money back for any non-used IT device, cable, accessory etc.


We will securely data wipe the device(s) and provide you with a full data destruction certificate.


Once we have this done, we also pay you the agreed amount. This we always discuss in advance of us receiving the IT equipment, so you know exactly how much you’re getting and how.


This service is great for any business, as aids cash flow. It can also reduce stock piling old IT, and allow others to re-use IT, without the need for scraping or recycling, which does the environment no good!

Recycle Services

Even if the IT you do not use any more, has no monetary value as discussed on the BUY IN service for businesses, we still can recycle your old non-used IT Equipment.


This can firstly help remove from your business any valuable space taken up by non-used IT equipment.


We can collect from your business, properly under all waste management licenses, any redundant IT.


We will then process the recycling in accordance with government WEEE legislations.


This ensures all the correct methods and procedures, ensure your business is not fined or having to take risks to remove this ex redundant stock.


With recycling you can rest assured we will where possible again data erase your device(s) data content securely. We will issue a certificate for every device to for your records.


Once this is done, we will ensure the planet is looked after, by recycling each and every component. This can reduce the amount of electronic waste by merely heading to landfill..


Recycling is not expensive, nor intrusive. Contact us today with your requirements!


We can handle any amount, so no job is too small or too big!

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