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To process with the required service, we produce a repair ticket. This ticket is a receipt for you, and for us, is a job sheet, and will contain the information: - Your Full Name, Your Phone Number and your email address only.


We will require also in addition to your details described above is machine information, i.e. make, model, serial and brief description of fault.


You as a customer will have access to your own customer information, within the customer portal. Here you can modify your details, and view your consents with us. These can also be changed.

We will never divulge these details to any other organisation. We may follow up a completed repair 45 days after sucessful repair completion. This our commitment to high quality and care. Not for any other marketing purpose.

As an individual you should be informed that you are consenting to the processing but not viewing of your personal data. We may use a text messaging service to inform you on updates during your repair with us. You can withdraw this consent at anytime; you simply need to contact the data controller Matthew Stevenson, using our address on the contact us page.

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure data handling, SPRINGBOK COMPUTERS will not accept ANY responsibility for the loss of data or programs. Customers are advised to backup any important data before bringing device for repair / upgrade to us.

You should retain any original setup disks for programs on your device. We first perform an INITIAL CHECK usually whilst you’re present, but this is in no way a conclusive check of the device. Only after a SERVICE CHECK of the PC can the full extent of any problems be identified.

The Service Check can take at least 24 hours and it is the onus of the customer to call or to come in person to get the results of the SERVICE CHECK or SERVICE JOB.

We will upon inspection of discovery of faults, and advise what guarantee you can expect to receive based upon the job in hand.

SPRINGBOK COMPUTERS will not be liable for the loss / damage of items left in our premises. We will store your device for up to 90 days upon successful repair completion. After 91 days these securely data wiped and will be disposed / recycled without any further notice.

By signing below, you explicitly consent to us processing the personal data you have stored on your product / device. This is in accordance with our Privacy Policy / Repair Terms and Conditions that available on our website / back of this receipt.

I consent fully to the Terms and Conditions,

Name: (Printed)




Repair Terms & Conditions
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