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Apple Repairs, Upgrades and Sales

For approximately 12 years roughly, we have over the years continued on our Apple Repairs, Upgrades and Sales year on year.


This is because we have an Apple Specialist in house, and offer genuine service that rivals cannot match. Matthew the owner took his Apple accreditation back in 2010 and has never looked back!


We boast completely free inspections to repairs, we give upgrade advice as if each Apple device is our own, meaning you get the service and advice you deserve, and when we sell anything, we ensure it’s not the typical or expected Apple high prices!


All parts we use where possible are genuine Apple parts, however if in certain circumstances we cannot, we have found very reliable after market parts / products, that we have rigorously tested and built up relationships with suppliers to ensure no compromise of quality.


Repairs to Apple products are down to component level, which we boast a fantastic success rate on ALL REPAIRS!


Again all repairs, upgrades etc. they are done in house at our state of the art repair centre. We also carry a massive stock of Apple parts, hardware and software to reduce downtimes to absolute minimum.


Recently for 2019, we have setup also our own in house Apple education programme.


This allows any customer to pay £50 for the year, to book in with us as many or as little times as they want, and at these bookings which last for an hour, can learn how to do anything they want.


See our Educational Programme service link for much more information!


If you want to buy a new Apple product, please use us! We can get brand new products direct, and can offer better guarantees, after service, or value for money than larger outlets, GUARANTEED!

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