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About Us..

We are a local small, hard-working Computer Repair Services Provider with our very own 'Mini PC World' stocked retail showroom. 
Started back in 2003, when Matthew Stevenson (Owner) was just 18. He since then, year by year, has steadily grown the business to be a very well trusted, respected and great one stop shop / computer service provider for all types of customers and their needs.
In January of 2017 - we have now relocated
premises to an even better location -
142b High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7PJ.

This is next door but one to RITZ Weatherspoons
This location is now a ground floor retail shop.

The Shop has been made into a showroom, with a
dedicated clean and high tech, repair room,
for all devices.
The building has also a storage room, which
allows us to buy more, stock more, and pass on
these savings to all of our customer's.
Finally with this location, not only does the
ground floor location and it's prime location give an advantage, also to the rear of this property,
is a dedicated car park, whereby customer's can use if dropping off or collecting large or heavy
items - something that Guildhall Street, never really had.
Above is a photo showing the new shop front, with a virtual tour coming soon!
Before this new shop, Springbok Computers operated for 12 years from a prime and highly desirable City of Lincoln location, between 2004 and 2016 in Guildhall Street!
The first floor was office, where Apple Mac repairs,
consultations, and training for all devices took place.

On the first floor, is what was described by PCR
(A major magazine for computer shop owners)
as a "Mini PC World Showroom".

This is where all customers came and visited, plus
buy, sell or book in computers
for repair / collection.
Finally up the second floor, split into two different
offices was the repair room, eBay office, and
massive store room.

The office adjacent to this repair room, was where
3D Printing took place plus general office for meetings, paper work and private area.
Matthew has worked tirelessly from just a small room in this building back in 2004.

He made a promise to be one of Lincoln's best computer shop / service provider and has put many long
days and hours in - something many entrepreneurs must do for strive to succeed!
He back in 2007 gained Apple Certified technician accreditation, and offers a fully kitted our repair room for all things Apple.
He has also amassed a lot of business acumen,
knowledge and contacts. Using all of these key
area's, he can drive the business forward even
further in years to come.
Matthew does undertake repairs at component
level (as and when required), but also has staff
working for him, of which, he knows all customer's
will be looked after to the highest degree.
And Finally...
Remember, there is no geeky speak, no
complicated terms or high prices, just honest,
fair and impartial liaisons to all customers.
Hopefully if you are not a customer with us, you
will be soon.

Don't let the cowboys, the false wannabe's or major chains make you think otherwise - we're here to be only too happy to help you!
Springbok Computers Guildhall Stret
Springbok Computers Shop
Parkin at Springbok Computers

“ Matthew is an IT expert who does not talk down to his clients, he explains the issues in layman's terms. He has solved a number of problems for me, both on site and in his office. I have bought products from him with complete satisfaction. ​" 

Springbok Online Shop Now Open!
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